Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the Universal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is highly suitable for the small and middle business. This helps the business to make in right control over the financial aspects, simplifying their supply chain, operations, and different manufacturing channels. It is very fast in its implementation and offers ease of using. Further, it also offers good support for the business that scales to growth.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Must Have Tool In The Modern Offices

It Has Proven Its Success!

This software has been in the market since 1983 and it is successful till now. It is because the software is proven with its best functionality, ease of use, performance, etc. This software is the best tool that helps in making all the process simpler in all the aspects of your business. Also, it is now possible to provide a global network of Microsoft Dynamics Navision Business Central in the local and technical knowledge for certain industry. This also ensures that all of them will receive the most important solutions that are highly necessary for their needs.

Helps in Increasing the Margins

With an ability to make some fast and informed decision will have high influence over the cash flow and that will allow you to identify and target the customers for the new sales opportunities. This will also make you stay concentrated over the profitable products and services with certain predictive analysis. Further, you can also try to develop some customer loyalty by automatically applying some special pricing and discounts for different clients based on other individual order lines.

Easy To Use

If you have implemented such software, you might feel that all your employees are feeling ease to work with the software as it is similar to the Microsoft technologies. This will lead to enhanced productivity even form the beginning. At all the parts of the process, right from purchasing, integration, maintenance, upgrades, designs it is highly a simple factor.

You Will Have Enough Control Over Your Business

Control over the business is one of the important factors for the great success of the business. Through the Microsoft Dynamic Navision ERP software your company will provide with all the required capabilities for monitoring all the aspects related to your business that range from employees and resources to inventory and shipping, it makes a great way for informed decision and creating some system where your staffs will serve to be highly productive.

Access Based On The Person

The software will allow you to have some personalized access to the information and other tasks based on the position of the person in the company. This helps in increased transparency in different transaction and audit and trails through the integrated system and shared data. Self-service reporting tools and real-time business intelligence is highly important to reduce the need for request reports and other information.

Plan For Your Software Now!

Have you understood the most important features of the Microsoft dynamic NAV? You can now reach us to have the best one at Indus Software Solutions. Without such software, it is not possible to achieve victory in this massive competitive world.