Microsoft Dynamics Nav has supported our businesses as the most useful ERP we could think of since its launch. Now,Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has come up with the capabilities to offer 365° business solutions.

It brings in the features to not only support your business operations but also to help you project your growth in the future with its feature of accurate forecasts. 365 Business Central encloses a lot of vibrant features in its treasure and we will throw some light on some of the best of its gems.

Real-time Financial Analysis
  • Built-in Power Business Intelligence analyzes and the dashboards chart your business’ financial performance in real-time.
  • The connection between accounting, purchasing, sales, customer transactions, and inventory helps to decide your next finance move
  • Inclusive data analysis and modeling enhance the projection accuracy

Effective Inventory Optimization
  • Its built-in intelligence, helps you foresee the optimal duration to restock
  • Fulfill orders in time with the help of getting a thorough view of the business inventory
  • Manage and maintain the exact required amount of inventory to stay on top of on-time deliveries

Helps Rocket-boost The Sales

The Sales Manager tool of this ERP helps you to:

  • Uses your revenue potential to prioritize your sales
  • Turns the leads to sale at an accelerated speed
  • Eases the resource assignment and case resolution by providing an inclusive overview of the workloads.

Compliance with GDPR and Data Protection

Your clients’ data is in your responsibility for maintaining the security and privacy and thus, Microsoft helps you with this ERP with features such as:

  • Protects the crucial information and complies with the Data Protection Act of GDPR for your business
  • Respects the privacy and integrity of your clients and customers and thus, enables you to grant and restrict the access to this crucial data on multiple levels as required and suitable
  • Microsoft datacenter encryption enables you to handle, transmit and store the data with utmost security at multiple levels across systems

Treasures Human Resources
  • Assemble and monitor the employee data according to dependent variables such as the experience, tenure, skills, and education
  • Manage expenses and reminders to reimburse them from time to time

Which ones do you find the best? Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings a lot of features for your business to ease and speed your process in various segments of your business with a 365° overview keeping your business at the center point.

It doesn’t cease yet to offer the best solutions for your business; which ones do you find the best relating to your vertical?